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Copywriting at its best. Texts written based on SEO principles. Advertising on social media, running fan pages. Nowadays it is not enough to run a business. It must live on the web. People spend long hours in front of computer screens and telephones, which have become a panacea for everything.

When they need a specific service or product, they click the appropriate password into the search engine. They search on facebook, that’s where they get to know the profile of the service provider and if they do not see anything interesting on his fan page, then the chances that they will visit the site are slim. That is why, when running your own business, you can not omit such important issues as Social Media and website positioning. There is not always time, sometimes knowledge is not enough to take it. In Asander, we write website positioning texts based on SEO principles, we keep our clients’ accounts in the social media they choose. We simply make the company vibrant with the network, which makes it visible and recognizable.

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